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Haitian Educational Initiatives

Donate Now to Send Kids to School

Now in our fourth year, HEI is supporting 110 scholarships for impoverished children who would otherwise have no access to education. We need $16,500 every year in order to register the kids in local schools, purchase their uniforms and shoes, and provide them with the backpacks, books and school supplies they need. This averages only $150 per child for a year of education.

You’ll Make a Big Difference

That year of schooling will hake a huge difference to the children's chances of survival and ability to support themselves. The nutrition they get will strengthen them again malnutrition and disease. Girls will delay pregnancy and be better mothers when they start their families.

We've Had Proven Success

In the three years we’ve been operating in Jacmel, 99% of our students have completed their school year and 86% have been promoted to the next grade. That’s an amazing accomplishment in a country where only half the children attend school and of those, most drop out by the 5th grade.

Don't Wait!

Please make your tax-deductible donation now. Many thanks from all the children, parents, and staff in Haiti!

Nicholas Kristof: The Power of Hope

In today’s New York Times, Nicholas Kristof cites studies that document the power of hope in lifting people out of extreme poverty. When poor people learn that their own actions can lead to improvements in their standard of living, their mental, physical and financial states measurably rise. The path to change can vary – raising chickens, going to school, starting a small business – but identifying the new path and understanding its potential impact is critical. That is what we are doing in Jacmel by educating children and providing job training. Already our 185 kids are using their new skills to improve their families’ living conditions and making plans to support themselves when they graduate from school. Thank you, everyone who contributes to this “graduation” from poverty in Haiti! You are giving hope and a hand up, not a handout – there’s a world of long-term difference! Click here to read the full article.



Clowning Around After School

CASED Clowning around after schoolOur courtyard rings with teasing and laughter after school and on weekends. For  many of our students, the day begins with a light breakfast of cornmeal or rice and  beans, then a long walk to class. After school, 100 CASED students walk to one of  our  two downtown locations, where they revive with a tasty snack and cold drink,  complete their homework under the supervision of our tutors, and engage in some    good fun. Songs, educational games, calisthenics and normal horseplay help work off steam before the walk home at dusk.

Thank you donors, volunteers and friends, for making it all possible!