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Haitian Educational Initiatives

Donate Now to Send Kids to School

Now in our fourth year, HEI is supporting 110 scholarships for impoverished children who would otherwise have no access to education. We need $16,500 every year in order to register the kids in local schools, purchase their uniforms and shoes, and provide them with the backpacks, books and school supplies they need. This averages only $150 per child for a year of education.

You’ll Make a Big Difference

That year of schooling will hake a huge difference to the children's chances of survival and ability to support themselves. The nutrition they get will strengthen them again malnutrition and disease. Girls will delay pregnancy and be better mothers when they start their families.

We've Had Proven Success

In the three years we’ve been operating in Jacmel, 99% of our students have completed their school year and 86% have been promoted to the next grade. That’s an amazing accomplishment in a country where only half the children attend school and of those, most drop out by the 5th grade.

Don't Wait!

Please make your tax-deductible donation now. Many thanks from all the children, parents, and staff in Haiti!

Send Mika to School on #GivingTuesday

The gift of education lasts a lifetime, not just the holiday season. Meet Mika Antoine, whho is pursuing a whole new life through the generosity of donors to Haitian Educational Initiatives.

Mika Antoine

 Our first future high school graduate

Seventeen-year-old Mika Antoine is a sophomore at ICOSA, a high school in Cayes-Jacmel, Haiti. She’s petite, vibrant and friendly teen who relishes the challenges at school and in our job training program, where she is learning computer skills, dressmaking, painting and dance. A smart, caring person and natural leader, she is an excellent role model for the 109 other children following in her footsteps in our tuition, feeding and job training programs.

What might her life have been otherwise?

In a country with 85% unemployment, Haitian parents who can’t provide for their children face tragic choices: they may abandon them, put them up for adoption, or sell them into indentured servitude. For the 50% of children with no access to education, life prospects are grim: abuse, early pregnancy, prostitution and crime are common outcomes.

Together, we are improving her prospects

The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere is on our doorstep. The Haitian government is not yet able to intervene in a significant way but we can. HEI partners with two Haitian community groups to identify children in need and help them develop the intellectual and professional skills they need to pursue better lives and rebuild their country. Our generous donors have helped Mika find promising new options in life.

Please help a child like Mika today

On #GivingTuesday, people around the world are acting together to address problems like poverty, disease, and lack of education. Please help us raise $12,000 to enable Mika and others like her to go to school and learn to support themselves. $500 will provide one child’s education, food, and job training for one year. $150 covers tuition, uniforms, backpaacks books and school supplies. Your gift will change her life and yours.

Let’s share our blessings this holiday season!




Project Redwood Awards $20,000!

Project Redwood, the philanthropic foundation established by Stanford Business School Class of 1980, has awarded a grant of $20,000 to HEI to fund a year of tuitions, after school tutoring and summer camp costs for our partners Cercle Amis des Enfants en Situation Difficile (CASED) in dowtown Jacmel. This is the second grant we have received from Project Redwood and we are tremendously grateful for their support. Their funds have enabled the CASED tuition program to grow from 25 to 39 students, provided salaries for 5 teachers and 2 administrators, and furnished snacks that sustained 95 children through daily homework tutoring. In addition, 70 children a day experienced their first summer camp this year. As a result, our students are enrolling and succeeding in school in record numbers. Thank you, Project Redwood and Martha Parry Clark, our sponsor!