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Haitian Educational Initiatives

Donate Now to Send Kids to School

For the last three years HEI has supported 84 scholarships for impoverished children who would otherwise have no access to education. We need $12,600 every year in order to register the kids in local schools, purchase their uniforms and shoes, and provide them with the backpacks, books and school supplies they need. This averages only $150 per child for a year of education.

You’ll Make a Big Difference

That year of schooling will hake a huge difference to the children's chances of survival and ability to support themselves. The nutrition they get will strengthen them again malnutrition and disease. Girls will delay pregnancy and be better mothers when they start their families.

We've Had Proven Success

In the three years we’ve been operating in Jacmel, 99% of our students have completed their school year and 86% have been promoted to the next grade. That’s an amazing accomplishment in a country where only half the children attend school and of those, most drop out by the 5th grade.

Don't Wait!

Please make your tax-deductible donation now. Many thanks from all the children, parents, and staff in Haiti!

Sean Penn: Haiti Is On the Upswing

Sean Penn is another tireless advocate for Haiti. His organization, J/P HRO has done admirable work in Northern Haiti to feed, house and educate displaced Haitian families. Like HEI, Penn takes an integrated approach to solving problems and calls Haitian government and foreign aid program successes and failures exactly as he sees them. In this article, he challenges popular media images of Haiti as unchanged and points to advances in health care, housing, and urban renewal. Nevertheless, he points to the continuing spread of cholera as an urgent issue. In the Jacmel region, our partners and the children we serve also suffer from malaria, dengue fever and have recently been set back by the spread of chikungunya. This is a new mosquito-born virus that causes a high fever, severe joint pain, a measles-like rash and prolonged exhaustion. We desperately hope the children will recover in time to take and pass their end of year exams. Nothing in Haiti is easy and yet the Haitian people are coping with courage and patience. Penn is right: they deserve recognition for their achievements and support in addressing the problems that remain. HEI is committed to staying in Jacmel to continue the advances our Haitian partners have made to give impoverished children a better future through education.

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Sean Penn Challenges the Media to Spread the Good News

The Haitian government, its investors, and the intrepid entrepreneurs at every level of Haitian society are all working to improve conditions in the country and a lot of progress has been made. Sean Penn challenges the media to stop ignoring good news.

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